Fantom plane killing lighting

Going insane here. I have a plane casting shadow over my set, as the light moves over like the Sun, it cost this dark shadow over everything. Oh I forgot to tell you, I did not create, edit or FIND this thing!! It just showed up. They may be related, but a second plane also blocks some spheres path. So what I have is 1 or 2 big fantom planes, one casting a huge shadow and the second block some spheres from free path.

My set is small about 10 objects, its not like check all of them a min. but this one is past me- Help!

What do look for?


Might be best if you posted a .blend

split window, select outliner, select weird plane, delete?

the .blender is 1.9meg in size, to big to post, no?

Thanks for the “select weird plane, delete” but I thought is the clear, I can’t select them, I can’t find them! Select all “A” shows nothing.

It may not be visable in the scene. I was saying is it visable in the outliner. as in, is it listed as being in the scene. if not then I dont have a clue.

alt-h to unhide any hidden objects, ` key to show all layers, if it’s on a different layer

Thanks, I tried it but still nothing but a huge shadow from nowhere.