FAQ: Viewport Render AA / Sampling in 2.80

Another 2.80 expected FAQ: How do I set the AA (sampling) level that’s used when I do a Viewport Render in 2.80?

There are multiple ways of getting something like an “OpenGL” style rendering in 2.80.

  1. You can do a regular render using Eevee with all of its features.

  2. You can change the renderer from Eevee/Cycles to “Workbench” and do a regular render. This is similar to the 3dview’s View->Viewport Render Image / Animation command, but it uses all of the Workbench Render Properties rather than the current 3dview settings and won’t show gizmos and overlays like the grid. The quality is controlled by the Workbench render Sampling->Render property which sets the AA level to be used.

  3. You can use the 3dview’s View->Viewport Render Image or Viewport Render Animation commands. These render the 3dview in the current mode with its current view overlays (grid etc.). The thing that’s not obvious, and which motivated this post, is that to control the quality (AA) level for this render, you need to switch the scene to the Workbench renderer and select a value under the render property Sampling->Viewport Render. Once you’ve set it, you can switch the scene back to Eevee or Cycles or whatever your normal final renderer is, and that Workbench render setting will continue to affect the Viewport Render commands.