Fargo Doshnickle (Project Revised!)

He’s a wip… but I think he’s coming along nicely =]

I used no reference images… it took me alot longer. But I just placed a bunch of edge loops where I thought they would look good =] I used edge modeling and sculpting to make him.

C&C Please =]

I’ll post all my current progress in the latest posts and the major progress in this post.




Both very excellent resources that will get you started on good topology, proportions, and methods for modeling a face.

… he’s a cartoon. He’s not supposed to be proportioned correctly =]

I’ve used this face now for the base of cartoon chars! I’ll post a blend. You can use the sculpt tool and make him look COMPLETELY different! But it’ll still look cartoony.


I made about 3 other chars. I’ll post an update today =D

You don’t have to follow the proportions, but it’s ALWAYS important to get good topography, and good methodology is generally a good idea as well.

Imma post a render of Billy Dooga. BTW here’s how to pronounce the names:

Fargo Doshnickle = Far - Go , Daw - sh - nick - el
Billy Dooga = Bill - ee , Do - gah

It’s going to be an animation of a redneck town. Fargo is the ultimate hunter, he’s an award winner and he hires Billy to go along with him to pick up the dead animals.

Here’s a render of Billy Doogle. I’m hoping to really show some emotion in the characters, even in still frames. I hope a caught an emotion with Billy!


If you want them to look better: turn on AAO, set your world color to a light, pastel blue color, use a variation (or straight) 3-point lighting.
So instead of this:
You get this:

<edit> Here is a better example in .png format:

Oh and I forgot to say great job on these guys! I like the cartoony-ness.


Glad you like it! I’m having SOOOO much fun with this! Here’s a few more renders.


Hey is anyone good at ears? Because I suck at them =/ if anyone wants to model me some ears just reply and I’ll PM you the blend. Or reference me to good ear tutorials.

Rock On!

He has ears!!! I found a ear video tutorial and I followed it. I think the results speak for themselves :wink:

Can you point me towards skin textures? I want skin maps, normal maps, and bump maps.

C&C Welcome.

EDIT:: I’m going to start on the body now. It’s really hard to model though cause I’m on vacation and am using a laptop’s tract-pad =/


I’m done with Fargo’s facial rig!!!

Billy’s will be far more complex though, because of how fat he is. I need your suggestions on this; should I put about 20 bones in Billy’s cheeks for good control? Or should I add softbody cheeks and have less control?

Well anyway…

Here’s a brow lift and him talking.


WOO! i love it!
you should like right me a tutorial on how to do walk cycles…or maybe make a video on it…if you cant thats 100% fine =)

i wish i model faces that good!

Thank you grudge! I’ll think of a doing a tutorial

I had originally modeled Fargo for a still and never thought of animating him, so as you can see in the one of him talking he smiles when he talks, imma haveto edit the main mesh for his face. But 16k polys and 12:45 AM, you do the math :wink:

No more updates tonight! But I’ll update alot more tomorrow

thanks killer!! =)

Here’s an ear if you want one.


ear.blend (140 KB)

Thanks but I already mentioned that I found a tut :wink:

That’s a pretty good ear though!

Expect some updates today!

I added an eye tracking system! I spent a few hours weight painting, he animates much better now! His facial movements look better than ever. I’m working on adding more facial bones. So far he has 20 facial bones.

Here’s a few more renders =]


you know what…he kinda loooks like the dude that helps EMO…in Elephants dream…(emo is the blind kid right?> or what ever he is)

WOW your comparing my work to ED!?! =] I never watched the whole thing. I’ll watch it today.

I’m having so much fun I’m blender-ing in the car :wink: