Hi, i god a exersise in the shcool to make at picture, from the subject Faritale, but i dont want to make somthing traditionel, so i’m going to make,a picture son sciens fiction, so here is it, it is still varry wip, what do you think about it, is i good.

Thinks i would add to the picture:
Buildings i the background, and some trees in front beside, the pool, and some flowers in the poll.

I know that my english is varry bad, but i hobe that you can read what i write:)

It looks good. my only crit: the single wave effect on the water looks fake, to or three effects would look better, i think. the water looks like it doesn’t interact with the sides of the pool.

i agree with jessethemid, the water looks fake and the effectof one having 1 set of waves makes it look like the lillies are hovering above the water.

other than that very nice.