Farm recreation/My first scene

So the inspiration comes from the farm that my Grandma grew up on and I won’t be posting the original because I wouldn’t want to post it without her permission. But I was curious to get some other artists criticisms on what I have so far. The end goal is to blow up the image, frame it and give it to her so I’m trying to get it as good as I can get it.

The models look great but looks like time stood still for this farm. Everything seems as though time, weather and the environment had no affect on them making the image sterile. The windows are very clean and unless an ocd person occupies this farm I doubt they would be so.

Something needs to be done with the lighting, though I’m not sure exactly, just that the grass really stands out separate from the ground. And everything else.

The thing that stands out to me is the relatively opaque blackness on the right side of the car: there is no definition, no detail … the pavement e.g. does not exist. More lighting is needed in these areas. Likewise in the vicinity of the building behind the car. In a photo we would call this, “student murk.” The lighting in the areas that are lit looks good.

Always remember that, if you were on-the-set on an actual photo shoot of this scene, there would be lots of people standing just off-camera holding reflectors of various colors to inject more light into the scene without appearing to do so. A “natural-looking” photo … isn’t.

If you ever get a chance to assist a photographer in an actual “shoot” of a scene like this, jump at the chance. Even if you just spend the day schlepping equipment and bringing cups of coffee prepared “just the way they like it,” you will learn a lot by watching. (Even more so if you are helping a videographer.) The principles and techniques translate very directly to CG.

And, if this is indeed your first effort … “:eek:!!” This is generally excellent work and your grandmother will be very, very pleased. You’ll probably bring a tear of memories to her eyes.

looks pretty good. just think that truck cab is too narrow. and there isn’t enough overhang on the roof of the house. and the barn roof texture just looks weird. oh and the door on the house doen’t appear to be recessed enough.

oh and the shingle aren’t offset so they look like floor tile.