Farm Scene WIP

So Im working on a farm scene for a short film I’m planning. This has probably been my most ambitious project so far but my hopes are high. And I’m going for a cartoony look so nothing photo-realistic here.

Im trying to keep render times to a minimum and so far this clocks in at about 35 seconds a frame. Probably longer than it needs to be but I have no idea how to optimize it.

One thing that I will need to work on is the corn. Rather than duplicating each stalk 500 times, I just put an array modifier on it and changed it slightly in a few rows. Still it looks too repeated. I think maybe particles can be used to make it more random so I may look up a tutorial on that soon. The grass is a bit sparse too but I’m not sure there is much I can do about that. Keeping render times low is a priority.

And I’m sure you noticed the fake cow. Thats part of the story. An alien is abducting the real ones and leaving fakes in their place. Maybe not super origional but I think it could be funny.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts on the image. All crits are welcome. :slight_smile:


Yeah the corn looks like plastic or something…maybe its is because it is far away? The moon doenst look right…The craters look like aluminum? (i dont really know the name of the metal…) but yeah, you might want to think about finding a picture of the moon and applying it as a texture…

Otherwise pretty interesting…