Farm ;)



What reveals, expresses in this image to be a smurf farm?
So, it’s lacking in story and also composition.
Thus architecture, scenography aren’t expressed, neither observable. Even focal point is void of action. The only thing observer can “observe” and wonder about is scale.
You need to reveal the story, make an impression, communicate your idea with visual elements.
Check imagery - mimic style and colors, absorb the ambience, observe your inner process: what interest you, what makes you feel & know these (linked) images show “Smurf’s Farm”… maybe you should proceed by creating few characters to get to know them :wink:

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thanx for the critic …will i didnt do environnent befor … i think its the third one … but i will try to
apply ur advice in the next one

This is a funky little place – in a disjointed sort of way. It is hard to gauge what the scale of the place is supposed to be, since everything is at a very different scale including the plot of ground itself. The props look nice.