good night boys and girls this is two early wip’s the first is a fantasy landscape,i do this for fun,the second is a …FARMER!!!yeah is only a early wip,i spent two nights doing the modelling and the texture,all blender,except the texture of the head that is made with gimp i hope you like.

tell me anithing you want 8)

Very nice. The head is well done. Maybe a little more texure on the hat and the iris of the eye. It kind of looks like a portrait of Van Gough.

Nice :slight_smile:

The fantasy scene is really cool and has a nice mood to it. Maybe you could try texturing the snow flakes (assuming that’s snow, of course :wink: ) to make them look more natural.

The texture for the face of the farmer are good, but there seems to be some artefacts around the eyes, and the cowboy hat would really benefit from a little bump map.


i forget to say something… “Van Gogh” gonna take a picture with is horse this week 8)

Nice work. The “inner shape” of the ear looks a bit strange to me.