Farmer Joe

hey howdy
this is just a thing ive been working on kinda been makin it up as i go and thought the results were suprisngly better then i expected. anywho sugestions for the characters head or things to add or just crits or comments on what i have so far would be apreciated a fair bit ill b sure to keep updating you never know where it could go.


WOW… nice model :slight_smile: i really like that kind of characters :slight_smile:

love the boots and the shorts :stuck_out_tongue:

can we see the wire?

thx narven ill post the wire tonight wen i get to my computer at home id still apreciate some ideas for the head! kinda not sure thanx

well hes the wire im havin trouble with connecting the arms to the body in a neat way (to many vertices on the arm not enough on the body) and yea heres a sorta work in progress for the head TELL ME WHAT U THINK :yes: and yea ill try to keep updating for once.


well heres the start of the head not the best mesh but not planin to animate so not tooo concerened but if u see somethin ultra ugly feel free to share :yes: and yea any other c&c ofcourse WELCOME!!


Very good modeling work! I like it.

looks good, but it seems you have some tri’s on the hands, love the style though.

ok havnt done much of late but im kinda stuck with gettin everything together ive gota do that then the ear and then yea some other tweaks and then ill c if its worth texturing woo FUN but yea any suggestions before i move on would b cool or ONCE AGAIN any C&C wld b great!!


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Very nice. His grin gives him a whole heap of character. You will probably need a couple more edge loops on his torso going vertically to help connect up the whole shoulder region.

@BenDansie: haha yep go tintin and im rom adelaide just so u no crap weather today ey and yea ur right bout that well off to work i go thnks for your help

You’re welcome. I managed to avoid the rain and hail despite walking between several places today. Not sure how.

@BenDansie:lol nice work!
well after some work ive made some progress & everythings conected woo next is the ears and then the singlet and then some fun with the partical system awww yea :yes: so yea any suggestions still welcome really would apreciate any input.


ok well afta a lot of fidling and a lot of doing nothing on this ive done the ears yay so III think its added to the character but if anyone can see any problems with them feel free to say so :smiley: so yea on to the singlet!!


Very nice model. Interesting that you have started with the body not the head. If you are going to animate him you should correct his face topology around mouth a little bit. This examples may help:
Source: Internet

Heh I really like it, particularly that stupid expression on his face reminds me of the B.C comic strip for some reason. One crit would be that I think the crease on the lower part of the nose it too pronounced.

well i was sick (sad i no) but now im better and back on the horse and ive been working on some textures, now im probably the worst texturer in the world so im sure you guys can find some things for me to work on so yea please share any wisdom you might have!

@Romeo: thx i agreed with you on the nose thing and that tiny changed (i think) helped a lot so thanks!

@JiriH: yea i no it was a weird work flow it happend cuz this was orginally me just working on a hand and it grew from there. i dont really no how to change the loops with out restarting but ive saved that awsome stuff and ill be sure to refer to it next time i model the head so cheers!

so yea heres what i have now so please continue to gimme that all that sweet c&c:D


ive just put in a background and hes standing on some grass which ive done with particles but the grass goes through his feet and i dont know how to stop this so if anyone knows how to fix this that would be super helpful

Probably the easiest way would be to cut holes in the ground mesh (or whatever the emitter is) under his feet. Depending on your particle settings, you can use a vertex group to control density of particles, so you could paint on where you want thicker grass and no grass.

He’s looking great btw!

At first I thought this thread was about a certain render manager…
Really nice work.
Keep it up!

Well im almost finished but if theres anymore problems someone sees please do tell or any other comments are also welcom

@BenDansie: thanks im goning to post 2 pictures in the finshed projects section. 1 a close up which will be textured and with a background and a full body shot that will just be a clay render so the particles through the feet no longer matter. But thanks a lot for ur help and kind words and can i just say I loved your 007!!

@freen: lol cant say i fully understand but it seems i better not have the same name in the finished projects section :smiley: and thanks for your kind comments