Farmhouse bath

This scene is from a book I bought a couple of years ago, Architecture Now 4. The building was designed by an Austrian, Gernot Hertl and built in 2000 - 2002. I haven’t followed the original interior completely but it is pretty close. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the photo I worked from anywhere on the net so that a comparison could be made.

Modeling the room was very straightforward and completed in an afternoon, creating the textures and setting the materials up for render was more time consuming. Rendered in Indigo I’ll post another view later, I have the scene set up for Lux as well when I get the chance I’ll post for comparison sake.

Check out full res on indigo site.

Whoa Seanser looks amazing pal, Reminds me of the Bathes where the christian Bros use to take me. Bad times, Nice pic though.

Great memories of school Lagerloy, glad you like the scene. Hope to see some more of your own blender stuff.