FarmVille: "Oops! Outamoney! Buh-bye!"

Can’t be much longer now . . .

I saw on TV that they are going to cut 520 jobs.

I saw something interesting on “Big Think”. There are a lot of hackers who have a great deal of insight on these matters.

The problem with any of that stuff is that it only has a given lifecycle. The average lifecycle of a game these days is about a year, maybe? I tried to find some statistics on the net, but I cannot find any good ones. It depends, really, on how they are marketed. Look at Diablo III. It came out , everyone bought it, played it…now…nothing. Sure, it’s still a reasonably fun game. But, after you finish it once…what’s the point? Farmville had a long run. But, then they tried adding to it. New places, farms, etc. Ultimately…why would I want to spend 3 hours going through all my farms, islands, etc…it got annoying. Much like Cityville, CHefville…these games have a formula that works for awhile. But, once you figure out the formula…the game gets boring. The only way to keep games interesting is to bring in NEW experiences, like Everquest did. How many expansions did they have? I think it’s like 10 now…and the game is still going. Why? Because unlike facebook, they sell the expansions and make money for the investors. Star Wars: Galaxies had a limited run because they tried to stick within a universe they didn’t design. Again…limited life cycle.

Facebook now has competition from google. So, we’ll have to see how all that works out. Google has a way of sucking up the world. LOL

Star Wars: Galaxies failure was mostly due to the game being bought by Sony and sabotaged from within afterward. The NGE (new game engine) destroyed the fun of class customization and the economy.