Farnsworth Communicator

I bet they got a shock when this hansom looking chap gave them a call. :scream:

Hi all. This is the Farnsworth Communicator from the sci-fi series Warehouse 13.

I’m happy with the modelling on this, so it’s the textures and lighting which I would appreciate any comments on. Textures and whatnot are something I tend to struggle to get right.

Thanks for looking, cheers.

Nice. The only thing I can critique is the pattern on the inside of the lid. Right now it looks like a standard procedural texture. I would recommend finding a good metal texture and using that instead.

The texture on the inside of the lid is the same as the one on the faceplate but darkened down, I never did think it worked that well. I will have a look and see what I can change it to. In the series it looks like it may be just a single colour rather than one with lighter patches, like I have used.

Looking at the original prop, it looks like the inside panel is a different material from the case. Maybe something like bakelite or some other retro material.

Cheers for the info,
I checked out a prop modelling forum and like you say the outer case is made of a different metal, tin is the one mentioned the most.
To achieve the correct look they recommend first painting the tin with a colour called Krylon Espresso, scratch it up with some steel wool, then buff it to a semi gloss finish. After that apply a metallic glaze called Renaissance Brown Elegant Finish. The finished product should be a dark reddish brown.
All I have to do now is work out how to get those instructions to work in Blender.

I get the feeling I chose the right picture to appear on the screen, as this could turn out to be a monster of my own making. :exploding_head:

I know the feeling. I’ve had projects that I’ve ended up doing over and over, getting better each time. So often I’ll look back at old renders and think, “I can do that better now.” And then I won’t feel happy until I do.

I know what you mean, it’s a never ending learning curve this stuff. Constantly fine tuning things until it looks just right, and then in a years time realising it can look a lot better.

I got something for the outer case which I’m pretty happy with.

It’s a couple of textures mixed together, brushed aluminium for the base and bump, and a colour texture made in Gimp. There’s also a texture for the edge wear.