FARTEZ-VOUS // an animated short

Hey guys!

I’ve been super excited about Blender for quite some time so I made a movie!

Lemme know whatcha think and enjoy!

I think you did a good job at editing it and the sounds are really nice. The models look good as well but the animation itself has a few issues. There are a lot of times when the characters just stop, or move only one part of their body. When doing 2D animation you can get away with this but in 3D every part of the body should be animated at all times. Also some facial expressions just look “off” (when he puts the hand over his face in particular). I’m sorry if I came across negative as it’s a really good beginner project, I just wanted to point out some areas that you should look out for in the future. Best of luck in your future projects and keep up the good work!

Thanks for your kind words! I really appreciate it!!!

And yea, I know the animation is VERY FAR from perfect, or even good. In fact, I’m going back and actually doing all the beginner stuff, such as bouncing ball or a walk cycle, to really get my animation skills going. I’m so excited thou! I’m just so in love with animation right now and I wish I had more time to practice!

Anyway, thanks again!

I agree with LG_787 on this… but I do have to say that it made me smile and laugh! Great concept and in places, great execution! Keep going, 'cause if this is your first, you’re going places!