fascinating cold

Fits the season. This picture was completed in about 3 months. I consider it finished and I hope that you enjoy it.


can feel the temperature - brrrr.

Top !!

i love it!!! top notch!! was it all done in blender?

Impressive work.:yes::yes::yes::yes::yes:

Thanks guys. Modeling with Blender, rendered internally. Textures created with Gimp and MyPaint. Also color correction with Gimp.

züdholz, you know that i love your work always dand this thing here is a masterpiece :slight_smile:
only one thing is wrong i think. i can see a seam on the right shoulder, not so imoprtant, but it is noticeable :wink:
great work

Fantastic image, nicely done.

Very, very good! Doubly appreciated because here in Southern California the temps are in the 70’s F.

Especially excellent work on the cloth; both the texture and the contours.

Excellent work!