Fashion Week SS22 - Virtual Production with Blender

Hi there,

I worked on a vertical fashion film for the Paris Fashion Week SS22 few weeks ago.


We had 5 days to make it happen, so I used Blender 2.9 as a virtual production tool, here is how :

  • Photoscanning with a DSLR, generating characters in Meshroom, then clean them back in Blender.
  • Rigging and animating characters in Mixamo.
  • Camera tracking with the excellent VirtuCamera addon, on an Ipad Pro.
  • Export a quick render with Eevee, to the edit in Davinci Resolve

Hope you’ll like it !



Amazing! Any tips to photoscan humans they never work out too well for me😅


Are you photoscanning human as well ? How do you photoscan them ? How is your lighting ? Your background ?

There are so many things which depends directly of the lighting.
And the perfect stability of your subject.
I recommand you to go to a small/medium room, which will help the software spatialize your subject. Then, having the perfect light is a sooooft soft light. Try not to photoscan subjects with hard shadows, it won’t work well.

During the photoscanning process, we discovered that we sometime have to use less pictures, but more accurate ones (no eyes closed, motion blur, etc. …)
If you go with many pictures, I recommand to follow the steps described in this video :
Photoscanning by Peter France

Try to not take pictures too close, the software will not understand where it has to be.
I also do not use the tripods for arms, but ask my models to stay still and take the pictures real quick.
This way I don’t have any abberrations in the arms area.

And finally, the most important thing : try not to use them for close-ups.
This method works because my compositions are really large. Therefore, the characters doesn’t need to be to detailed for the viewer. If you need to create a detailed character, it might not be the best technique.

Hope it will help you in your journey !

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