Fast and Easy UVing in Modo

I saw this tutorial and i wonder if this can be implemented into blender? look at the step 9-10-11. with a single button click and the checker of the UV is displaced unstretch and the correct size

Step 11 looks to be similar to ‘Average Island Scale’ (Ctrl+A) and ‘Pack Islands’ (Ctrl+P)

Thank you oh so much Richard :wink:

i would like something for smoothing UV’s like in 3ds max . right?

Seeing as this is a blender forum and its likely that most users don’t/never have use 3dsmax, a little bit more of an explanation of what you mean would be useful.

yep, don’t know how it works in max, but you should try “minimise stretch”

…and farstahy is creating a new smoothing tool for uvs and meshes……test/#comments