Fast and Noiseless Render?

(PedroCG) #1

I have a small interior scene that contains some objects with PBR shaders and textures that I need to have done very quickly. The room is shown in an animation of the camera slowly moving around wihch is in total 400 frames.

What I want to achieve is a render time of 40 seconds or below while still retaining color. I got rid of the HDRI and am using a plane on a window to light the scene as well as a sun lamp outside. That decreased the noise, but there was still a lot. I tried using the denoiser but it ruins the quality of the picture.

I’m using 32 samples to render which I know is quite low but there must be a way rendering it out with low samples or do you always requires 5000+ samples to finish any project in Cycles?

I could import the scene into the UE4 which is how I end up finishing all of my projects, but in this case there are somethings with fur in the scene that I wanted to render. But I need it done in a few hours. A 5000 sample render won’t cut it.

(Pixelfox) #2

Here’s a similar thread that might be of interest:

(PedroCG) #3

That thread is interesting. But the things being mentioned there I’ve tried or I’m using. Although there is a user there that mentioned achieving that but never posted it’s scene.

(CarlG) #4

That depends sooooo much on the project. I’ve done 20000 sample renders (lots of spotlights I couldn’t avoid, but we didn’t have denoiser back then) which I felt was still noisy (but others liked it), and sometimes I can do a 200 sample render (denoised of course, but I never have to do animations, only stills).

Search on how to optimize, it generally comes down to geometric complexity, mis settings, faking light bounces, maybe baking, lighting setup (indirect bounces are heavy in noise), world lighting utilization (seems you have already thought of that), material optimizations, simplify optimizations, and size (big preferred) and number (less preferred) of light sources.

Indirect lighting using 32 samples for any real project just sounds silly. I’d suggest either trying Eevee or pay to have it rendered at a farm (with proper sample count).

(PedroCG) #5

The reason I don’t use EEVEE is because the shadows are worse then in UE4. But it’s fine. If 32 samples is silly then I’m going to move the scene into UE4.

That’s where I take the stuff I make into and I’m much more interested in creating game assets then just cg Art. I can’t stand dealing with render times and noise and all that stuff. xP

Just a question, I assume there is no option in Blender to create game friendly fur right? Something like the NeoFur addon for UE4 :