Fast Blender Build (Progressive render & more updates)

Hi :slight_smile:
I done a experimental patch only for personal use, but can be usefull to somebody so I want to share it.
Take a look:

Aha… this is good news so thank you!. The more of us that use it the better chance it will have of making it into the code.


Hacks: (2005-11-27) 8)

  • Removed level “11” of OSA and added level “1”. Good to fast previews where no-osa no looks good (i.e.: textures). (level “11” rare used).

Follow the link on the first post.

Thanks for this build Caronte. I hope that this path it makes into the cvs.

New update!!
Biggers thumbnails!!

Follow the link at first post :wink:

New update!!
New build optimized for new processors (most for Athlon-XP, but Pentium-IV works too) more sssspeed!!.

Download at first post :wink:

Ok looks great… did not do a patch yet… :stuck_out_tongue: I forgot the key command to run a patch file in unix :frowning:

But have you sent this to the mailing list yet? It would be something great for ORANGE and ton to see

This does give a nice speedboost, thankyou. I was wondering, why is the executable almost twice the size compared to the ‘vanilla’ (5.7mb <> 10.2mb)?

Edit: Just noticed a minor thing: I can’t seem to be able to use a .gif as a background picture.

Because the compiler (Gcc) and the optimizations for spped instead of size.

that progressive renderer is great.
is it somehow possible to include the render option maya has,
in which you cahnge a setting of a texture and maya
rerenders the scene on its own?


:o BIG THX !!!

Blender renderer needs a remake to don’t frezze the interface while rendering.
I think Ton wants to change the render engine in the next months. Cross your fingers :wink: