fast car producing folds in the street using cloth

I’m trying to put together an animation of a sports car driving fast and the road behind becomes bunched. I’d like the ground to raise a little, the road to lift off of the ground and the paint lines to lift off the street. Very cartoony.
I’d like to use the cloth animator to achieve this and have had success except that I can’t keep the road from going below the ground mesh and the lines will sink lower than the road mesh causing them to be obscured. To attempt to fix this and I tried turning cloth meshes into collision meshes as well but this causes all the meshes to go haywire right off the bat.
Is it possible to lay 3 meshes of cloth on top of each other and lay flat until a collision mesh hits them?
Or is there a better way to achieve this effect?

cant you just render the ground separately and put it under your movie in post production?

My original attempt was to render the layers (ground, road, lines) seperately and composite them in AE. The first problem was that the lines wouldn’t become obscured by a crest of a lump in the road. That was solved by using zmask and doing the compositing using nodes because it’s just easier.
The current problem is that the meshes move seperatly of each other so if the road has a large lump the lines may not. They end up sinking into the road. If I try to make each cloth layer react to the other cloth layers by turning on collision they immediatly start to wrinkle even though though they should lay flat.

okay… got it working sorta okay. The main problem was with the collision settings. Set the face thickness to .02 and stacked the meshes with .02 units between each layer. I couldn’t stack them any closer without weird errors. It takes about 30 frames for things to flatten out.