Fast carve addon new features : LIve Booleans, Auto Mirror

Hi guys, fast carve is in version now and in this video I show some new features:

  • Live / pending Booleans
  • Auto mirror and setting the origin with one click
  • Adding and clearing sharp edges

I really hope you like it!

This looks really nice. Like the clean and simplistic UI!
Thanks a lot!

I like it, thanks.

Very nice, but if I understand correctly, carve code will be removed from Blender.

Will this still be available in 2.8? I heard it was a bug that was reworked by users into a sort of hack.

Thanks, but I think a post in the Addons subforum would have been more fitting. :slight_smile:

On the Addon itself: I might not see the real strength of it yet, but its mainly macros at this point, right?
For the “center origin & mirror” button Id suggest it takes the active object as origin for the other selected objects (bool obj’s) rather then the world origin. Only if there are multiple selected ofc! :slight_smile:

Keep going. :slight_smile: