Fast cleaning geometry by merging

Hi there!
I have an issue that seams pretty easy. But I would like to merge simple volumes like the one below, with minimum number of actions as possible. In order to have clean faces. I receive .obj files but it’s more like an addition of volumes and intersecting faces, than a single mesh.

Thanks !

HI, if all the objects are as simple as this one, then starting from scratch will be the easiest option.

Ok maybe, it’s just I would like to make this step as fast as possible, because I may receive many models to texture in the same time. Keeping same origin and boundaries. So I thought there might be a set of command that would make it easy.

There is no set of commands, in any software, that does the “please clean this messy geometry” action. With the upcoming 2.91 booleans, you could try separating this into different objects and then doing a boolean union, but looking at just that screenshot I wouldn’t say that’d be particularly fast or 100% guaranteed. Probably something like:

  • Decimate planar with low angle
  • Separate by loose parts
  • Boolean union everything together (with 2.91 booleans that should work with overlapping and self-intersecting geometry)

Whether that would work, and how well, would depend exactly on the kind of geometry you have, and the kind of mess within. Seriously though, it’s a box. You can rebuild this in under a minute with vertex snapping.

Rebuild may be the more robust way in that case.