Fast Film - AMAZING stop motion

this took two years and over 80,000 paper models, each frame from each film was actually printed onto a different model. they used aftereffects for grabbing stills, but that’s it for cg, all done in stop-motion on film. here’s the video

and the site about how they did it.

just stunning. some guys at work clued me in on it

it was pretty cool. it got annoying though because it lacked much of a story line, i was tempted to quit watching it half way though.

Yeah I was tempted to quit watching it too, but I felt ashamed because it was obviously so much work so I kept watching. Don’t really feel I wasted time since it WAS something original.

Meh I stopped after 2 minutes. It wasn’t going anywhere and I got the idea.

I bet there was no story or planning but thought up along the way. Too bad. They should have spent the first of those two years planning the thing out. Then they’d have a winner imo. Some great looking strange visuals in there. It had it’s moments, for sure.

I would’ve at least cut the first “The End” out before tacking on another minute and a second “The End” (or was I just seeing things?). It’s tough to leave hard work laying on the cutting room floor, but some editing could do wonders for this one, such as it is. Always leave them wanting more -isn’t that a golden rule?

Made my brain hurt, but I liked it. Anything with Cary Grant in it is instantly cool anyway. :cool: