Fast Food in Space: WIP


Original Post:

Just a random idea I wanted to create.
While working on this piece, I’m trying to create my sculpt-retopo-paint-… workflow.

All critique is welcome!
Let me know what you think.


Base sculpture using Dynamic topology:

Made a quick retopo using the cgcookie contours, Ice tools and Mira tools.
Very nice combination for fast retopo!

Some multires sculpting to get the final shape of my character.


I started the texture painting proces:

First try at the diffuse channel:

And a quick and simple specular map:

Any critique is welcome!


Working on the skin shader and lighting.
Will need some tweaks…

I could probably use some help on the lighting…


How do I change the thumbnail image of this thread?


Never mind, found it!


looks good so far. so will you create a diner type environment?

I’m not sure about the environment yet, but I will definetly give him some attributes, like a burger or something.


Huhu, funny shape

Hey, I’m from Belgium too :wink: