Fast Food Nation, iphone Game

Hi Blender Community, long time no see. So here’s a little story. I work with bender since 2004 but I left that wonderful, amazing and awesome open source software 2 years ago because I discovered digital painting. Whatever. 10 months ago, a friend and I started a small company named Linart (Yes, we use this name for ages now… and we finaly did serious things with it). This small company develop games for the Iphone and Ipod touch. So, we started creating our game 10 months ago and finished it 4 months later (It’s a damn big job to create a full game…) all the grahics were done with photoshop & flash and were ugly… I tough about the the possibility to do it with blender but you know… after 2 years… I was like : “I can’t do that… it’s been too long”. So, we did ugly graphics…

The sells were going pretty well, about a 90 per day at 1.99$ (we own 70% of that price), but a lot of people were complaining about the graphics, so in december, I started to play with blender (Wow… a lot of things have changed since 2007) 4 months later (not at full time) I redid all the graphics… from the logo, to the buttons. During those 5 months, we released a lite version (like a demo) of the game wich boosted our sales to 130 per day). last week, we finished our big update after so much work (not just the graphics, we redid a lot of things). All that work deserve an higher price, so we put the price to 2.99$ (70% remember). WHAT A SUCESS, our sales went from 130 to 400 per day and still goes up each days!

Video :

So that’s my story, I think it will interrest the blender community to know that more than 180 000 persons (including the lite version) have played or play with a game that was created with blender and to know that a small company will create games that will be popular with blender (We are working on other projects).

Thanks for reading!

Ian, Linart CEO and graphic designer who works with blender.

Great project, congratulations, it´s awesome to see blender achieve so many industries and workflows…