Fast Food render

This is some fast food i’ve made in Cycles.


This looks nice! :slight_smile:

One thing that throws me off a bit is the size of the fries and tomatos… unless the burger buns and patties are meant to be massive

yeah the patty size is intentional. As i was googling reference pictures I couldn’t help but notice the small size of most patties sold by most fast food chains so I made them as big as they could get :stuck_out_tongue:

The lighting and textures (especially on the fries) look pretty good. One thing I would suggest is changing up the background a little- metal tables aren’t always associated with food, and the jet black background, while striking, doesn’t make a lot of sense either. One thing to try might be a real photo of the interior of a fast-food restaurant- it might make some people do a double take! It looks really good otherwise, I love the modeling as well.

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