Fast Food.

i’m still learning how to model and add textures.


It’s not bad, the floor is well done but could benefit from a texture dedicated to making it look a little dirty. The chairs… not a fan of the colour (but thats my opinion and not everyones) but otherwise ok. The ceiling is just confusing.

BTW my friend Ryan must have been sitting in the toppled chair. He has an extraordinary ability for knocking them over, managing to do so twice in ten minutes at McDonalds while we were eating before attending a compulsory Macbeth performance for English.

looking good! put an edge around the pillar, where the grout would be.

The most visually-unsettling aspect of this composition is the camera-angle. The effect is made more jarring by the also-diagonal crisscross lines of the flooring.

You can do that, to be sure, and it is an interesting but unsettling effect.

sory bout the previous color.:o don’t know why i used that one.
i added more lights and dimmed the scene . i’m still learning to put materials.:spin:


how’d you get the tiles in the first render?

Yeah, I prefer the tiles to the marble floor. The tiles make it look more fast-foodish rather than an attempt to be classy.

thanks. you’re right this is definitely not a fast food anymore. i’ll try to change it to the tiled floor again.:smiley:

bout the floor material. i downloaded it at blender-materials. i think it uses 2 wood type texture with 1 rotated to form a tile. (i think) :smiley: