fast fps bloom

Im looking for a bloom 2d filter that don’t consume so much fps

Don’t do a screenspace bloom. Use planes set to ‘add alpha.’ That\s what I did here:

Any screenspace filter operates on every pixel. At 1080p, that’s at least 2 million extra samples per frame (and because bloom is a blur, it’s a fair bit more than that)

that is amazing!..I wish I had thought of that…can you share an example for me to tear apart…I mean it does not sound complicated at all, but one simple mistake can usually render something useless.

The blend for that scene is available here:

If I recall correctly, it’s actually a sphere that turns black/transparent at the edges. As a result, no matter where you look at it from it is ‘in front’ of the fire without anything needing to move. It may also change brightness depending on distance? I can’t remember. Lots of this is more ‘artistic tweaking’ than anything technically hard - there was lots of playing in the node editor.
I never got around to adding FPS movement though.

The other blend you may be interested in is this one (demonstrates some other lighting tricks):

Although the use of unreal assets in that is rather improper. I didn’t realise that at the time when I modified the blend.

Just to be clear so that people don’t take this information outside of context:

This is a way to do a faster bloom-like effect. It won’t appear exactly the same as the real thing. In reality, you’d want to use downsampling to render the bloom shader at a lower resolution, and then scale it up over the screen / viewport. The BGE doesn’t support downsampling, though (as far as I recall), so this is a nice, low-requirement alternative.

with the new offscreen render in upbge I think** we can downsample mipmap levels though I think TwisterGE is the best person to ask*