Fast landscape - sky (new!) , terrain and water generator

This addon is the fusion of Fast ocean and Fast terrain.
now, the addon has its own simple sky generator.

Next steps : clouds, stars and hopefully an UI redesign.

Installation for Blender 2.7 :

  1. Start Blender and open User Preferences. Click on the addons tab
  2. Click “install from file” , then choose downloaded zip or .py
  3. Check the addon to activate, then save user preferences

To use , Shift +a -> mesh -> use one of the operators with fast landscape

Fast Landscape is now available for Blender 2.8 !!!
Press Ctrl+ alt+L to use the pie menu

Download link :


Thank you very much for good job and sharing

Any demo pics?

You’re right, here is a previous video, made before the sky implementation :

for now, just a a standard sky.

a sneek peek to what is coming in future sky soon !

Work in progress of the sky

Looks exciting! This could become a really good starting point for pretty much any nature environment. Looking forward to seeing how it develops.

V 0.7 released !

with stars, sky and clouds.
same link

not real UI yet, because the code willl change so much for 2.8.
Just a panel with same button to create elements.

to edit sky parameters , go to node éditor-world and change Colored nodes :

Blue (transition day/night) : higher is darker
White (clouds cover) to handle clouds visibility
Yellow (shine star) to handle star shininess.

Thanks for your add-on. I like the new sky with the day-to-night-switch.

I suggest you add a node to darken the clouds. The clouds might too bright at night.

@DanielEngler, you’re right about the possibility to darken the clouds. in fact, you can already do it by tweaking/darken the color of the color ramp, right after the clouds node. I highlighted it in the short update to make it clearer, and rename it “cloud color and brightness”. I tried some “bright/contrast” nodes , but not happy yet with results. By the way, great job for your Principled Baker addon !

Fast Landscape is now available for Blender 2.8 !!!

Download link :

Video :


Start Blender and open User Preferences. Click on the addons tab
Click “install from file” , then choose downloaded zip or .py
Check the addon to activate, then close user preferences (it is now automatically saved !)

To use , ctr+alt+ L to open the pie , then choose your part.

For the ocean part , the settings are in the modifiers tab (resolution, foam coverage, etc).

For the terrain part, use common sculpt tools to edit the terrain.
Swap in Vertex weight paint mode to change the grass. Grass parameters in Particles Tab

For the collider, just select an object before then use the pie and choose Collider. it will be setup for collision with ocean.
you can modify parameters in Physics tab.

About the fastsky, it works only in cycles engine for now.
You can edit it in the shader editor, world section.
Main parameters are in theses nodes :

Sky texture to set the angle of the sun , and make a dawn-ish mood .
Transition Day-night . higher number make the sky darker , for night moods.
Clouds cover - higher numbers add more clouds.
Shine stars - it Controls the brightness of the stars

Known issue : the terrain shader may become purple in Eevee, over a certain height.

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Version 0.2 Updated. Same link as above

  • Ocean auto unwrapped for future baking
  • Shader slightly enhanced
    -scales of probes and some defauts are better
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Ethan I just want a flat landscape with thick uniform freshly cut grass. What do I need to do? Thanks a bunch for the addon. Edit: Just installed the addon and quickly did what I wanted. Now to try the sky part. Thanks

Linux Mint, hotkey “ctr+alt+ L” just lock my screen, it’s the same hotkey on linux for screenlock, could you add the fast landscape in the pie menu(Shift+a)?

Hi ,
thank you both for your feedback.

@ Bkjernisted
Glad you did what you wanted.
You can adjust the height of the grass in the particle tab, emission panel, hair length.
or use the length/ cut tools in particle edit mode.

@ Loveordie
I can change the hotkey combination , instead of using the shift+A because it messes up the organization of Blender conventions (I should have never done that in previous version :smile: )
Could you suggest some hotkeys that do no interfere with linux Os please ?

Could you add the fast landscape in the Shift+a menu just as it is in 2.79 add mesh menu?

I hope we will see fastocean and fastocean eevee ported to 2.8

Try this link for 2.8. Download zip in top right hand corner. Read the install instructions. I think I unzipped the file and went to the py file and moved it to my addons folder. Good luck.

Hi, thanks, yes fast landscape works fine, its the fast ocean and fast ocean eevee that dont seem to work. I install them but it says 2.8 update is needed.

Did you unzip the file John?

I just download the python py’s.