Fast Lattice [0.6a]

is a plan to update addon to 2.8?

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How about that parting in the clouds?

Got filled with a hurricane, gonna have to work my way towards the eye.

I think a static port would not be too difficult, ill see if i can fit it in this weekend.

I think that with some work ill turn this into a more professional product, perhaps in line with namestack, in that it would be an initial low cost release and as features are developed it increases, up to about 3-5 dollars, so that its affordable.

However it will be free until it reaches a worthy 1.0 stage, like namestack.

I’m generally in favour of that (you’ll note that my first post is me being worried development would halt after it was made free, which… well :smiley:)
But will those who bought the old version get this new version for free?

Addon has been updated for 2.80, Use link in the original post.


Thank You for the addon.Very usefull.It is possible to use lattice on flat point selection?

I met this behaviour of Lattice even in Maya - when used on flat geo, it cant move in 3d :slight_smile:. Needed to move one vertex in space to behave properly

Are you sure? If you create lattice cage manually it works fine on flat geo and if you apply scale on lattice created with proxe addon it starts to deform mesh too. Pretty sure it’s a bug.

Yep, I used lattice a lot in Maya. In Blender not sure, didn’t use it very often here

Hi there and thank for this cool addon but is there a way to make it work in isolated view(/) since the lattice only appear in global view?

See my EZLattice add-on. The free version works on selection sets with no issue, just make sure that you create the lattice divisions properly so they don’t overlap. Bear in mind that EZLattice does not offer selection alignment like Fast Lattice does. However I assume that the issue you mentioned must be an alignment related issue (which probably will be fixed by the dev), where EZLattice can be useful until then.

Currently the addon doesn’t support isolated mode

OK thank for the reply!

Thanks so much for this addon, agreeD with masterxeon1001, all good stuff deserves rewards;)
is there any means to set Linear instead of Bspline by default? Tks again