Fast Loop

I think I see what you mean.
Okay Q is a bad choice for toggling “select new edge loops”
For now until I can get custom hotkeys implemented, what’s a better choice?

No, control selects an edge loop.
“select new edge loops” automatically selects the newly created edge loop(s).

Are we talking about the fast loop operator? Or Edge slide mode/operator?

Edit: Here is the wiki page for the hotkeys
Keyboard Shortcuts · Jrome90/Fast-Loop Wiki (

Ah right my fault, sorry for the confusion. Didn’t occur to me that Q was used to select the last created edge instead of selecting an edge :sweat_smile: stupid of me to miss that…
In that case, H for ‘highlight’ ;p.

Version 0.0.9c


  • Custom keymapping for Fast Loop. Modifier keys are not supported.
    Click on the key you want to change and then press a key. If the key you pressed is already bound then it will not change.

Fast Loop

  • Pressing the , key Freezes the edge to stop the current edge from changing when hovering over other edges. Inserting a loop while an edge is frozen automatically unfreezes the edge.
  • Switch back to Fast Loop by pressing the keys 1-9 while edge slide is active. Only works when activated by spacebar or the pie menu.
  • Hotkeys displayed in the status bar are text only. Icons were removed.

Congratulations, the switching between modes is really smooth now. Really well designed throughout, it is much appreciated!

E: I sometimes wish that Blender devs would put as much effort into polishing a single tool as independent devs like yourself do. It makes a world of difference. Let’s see how long it takes before this addon is bundled with Blender by default, shall we? :wink:


Awesome work!

I’m glad to hear that.

I do too but there there are some key differences that make it difficult for them to do it.

  • They make a proposal and it gets accepted. They implement all features and fix bugs. Once those are done, they move on. If there are more bugs they eventually fix those.
  • They don’t have nearly as much time as I do

As an independent addon developer I don’t need to seek approval or adhere to any principals, I can do whatever I want. To an extent anyways. Limited only by imagination, knowledge, and Blender’s API :unamused:


I added numerical input to change the scale value.
After pressing W (or whatever key you have it bound to) you can type in a numerical float value.
. to insert a decimal point.
Backspace removes the last digit .
The input is not clamped so don’t enter too many digits.
Press the same key used to toggle scale to confirm.
If you don’t enter any numbers the mouse can still be used. Once you input a number the mouse will not change scale.

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very uesful

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Cool! Yeah this new version seems to work better! :slight_smile: Very nice!

Version 0.0.9d

Just a couple minor changes.

Fast Loop

  • When an edge is frozen, Loop preview lines are now drawn when the mouse is not hovering over geometry.
  • If an edge is frozen, and position override is active, the loop preview will update in real time when changing values in the list.

I use Fast Loop Classic all the time. Is it possible to change the number of edges with shift mouse scroll instead of using Number keys. I Hope it is possible to make this change by mapping (+) and (-) keys for increasing or deacreasing the no. of loops to shift mouse scroll!


Pushed changes to my GitHub that enables the use of modifier keys (ctr, shift, and alt)
The hotkeys in the status do not show the require modifier key if one or more are needed.

I tested it. If it doesn’t work please let me know.
I am not sure if I will be able to fix it, but I will try.

I have had very little sleep for the past few days or so and will be something that affects me for the foreseeable future while I am unable to get enough sleep. I may have overlooked any issues or missed bugs.

Also I recently made changes so that it should work with 3.0 alpha
They were needed to test the edge slide with the subdivide branch.

I hope you enjoy using Fast Loop, and thank you for telling me that you use it. Every time I know somebody uses it regularly it really brightens my day in these dark times.

I hope one day it will be one of those must have addons that everybody loves.


Hi, thanks for the quick update.
Sorry about ur dark times but hey it also means ahead are brighter times !!

I am using this addon as my default loop insert tool (not ctrlR)

Some Notes -
:black_medium_small_square: I beleive the ux is bit complicated yet but also it has many features bundled together.
:black_medium_small_square: I dont use right click menu as right click helps me to exit the tool.
:black_medium_small_square: What is the purpose of Keymap -(A) for Toggle Select new loops, i mena it should always select the new loop by default, why do we even need the toggle behaviour ? I never use it.
:black_medium_small_square: It is interesting that while I am running the fast loop operator I can press K to knife cut and H to hide selected etc default blender things to manipulate the loop insert for e.g. i can hide the previously inserted loop and now the new loop will not run across the whole geometry. That is interesting ! But if I press E it will extrude the loop which is not required while i m running the fast loop operator. I think it is getting complex or cluttered here. I thnik while we are running the fast loop operator, all other tools should freeze but maybe not because Knife and hide,unhide actually came to be helpful !!
:black_medium_small_square: I cannot Slide my loop with Alt LMB (maybe a Bug), I had to press spacebar to enter slide mode and a problem is that i cannot slect another loop to slide so have to press spacebar again to toggle slide operator and select new loop with ctrlLMB and press spacabar agin and thne move mouse to slide. This is Tedicious !! {{ UPDATE- sorry, my bad the toggle Alt/Spacebar setting I didint noticed, lol !}}
:black_medium_small_square: Also this tool doesnt seem to work on a flat plane with ngons etc where no edges can be inserted but points can be. Default insert loop tool can insert points on an edge. This shud be possible with fast loop as well !!
:black_medium_small_square: Also the shiftMouse scroll to inc or dec no. of loops is not smooth, i mean If I hold shift and scroll once nothing happens and have to scrool again to insert 1 extra loop and same while decresing edge loop wiht shift mouse scroll down. You can see the diff urself in mouse scroll behaviuor in default loop insert tool vs ur shift mouse scrool behaviour in fast loop.
:black_medium_small_square: In short I use fast loop beacuse I loved the UI feature to be able to see points as well with edges and that why I use it and of course more importantly it is faster for inserting loops

Thanks for the tool. :orange_heart:
Have a Bright day !:+1:

You’re right it should select the newly inserted edges by default. I’ll just remove the option altogether.

key presses or any other events not handled by fast loop pass through. I don’t have any plans to change this.

You’re right. I will add it to the list of things to do.
I won’t be able to make it work exactly like loop cut and slide. My implementation will use raycasting which only works with faces. It won’t work with edges that aren’t a part of a face.

I’m not sure what the problem is. It seems the 3d view isn’t being redrawn. If you change it from shift+mousewheelup or even just mousewheelup it doesn’t update the number of segments unless the mouse is moved. However if you assign a key to increase or decrease it updates properly.

Thanks :orange_heart:

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Update 0.2.0

  • Insert vertices on edges that make up a non quad face.
  • Removed the select new edges toggle. They will always be selected.

Thank you for the update ! :+1:

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You’re welcome!

The other day I was thinking about making it possible to add loops guided by edge selections. By selecting two edges of a face, you can control where the loops go.

Something else I was considering, but doesn’t really fit into this addon, is the option to insert verts on any edge, not just ngons.


Thanks for the continuing development efforts!

Could you elaborate upon this, how does selecting and placing a loop differ from the connect tool you developed prior to Fast Loop? Does it mean you plan to enhance the Connect Edges addon?

The main difference is that connect edges can be used with more than two edges selected, but doesn’t have the edge sliding functionality. I still don’t know how to solve that.
Also this is more interactive, making it possible to control the placement with the mouse.

No. I’m afraid not.