fast moves
how do you animate spinning objects; say like a planet? (I’m having a bit of trouble with that… please help)
-I’m not really used to modeling… I’m still a beginner:) Enjoy^^;

well, to animate an object spinning on it’s axis you insert rotation keys with “I”. to have a planet rotate around a different object, you might have to use a follow path animation.

some crits i have: first, the render output is really really pixelated. have u considered using a DivX codec? also, the face in the beginning looks very faceted and is also to tell what it is saying. with the character doing the “fast moves” they are very hard to tell what is happening. try to slow that down so it’s not quite so fast. other than that, keep up the nice work! you really show some talent for a begginer.

This is what I meant to post… Can someone help me with my animation issue… whenever I rotate something spinning (using key frames) it always reverts, instead of completing the spin… I don’t know if it’s got to do with the IPO, or something else I’ve overlooked… I need help :frowning:


@emfrobia: so using LocRot wouldn’t help? I’ll try it with the armature… The only issue I have is like when say I go to animate someone doing a backflip, when all the keys get played, it reverse flips (like a yo-yo unwinding itself…) I don’t know how to get rid of that side effect… I hope using Rot alone will help… Thanks:)