Fast moving object and particle substepping Problem

Hi Guys,

I have an object traveling quickly along a path. I like for it to generate a static particle trail, but as the object speeds up, the particles don’t fill in the gaps between frames. Is there a “substep” setting or a workaround to this problem. I’ve provided a screen shot to display the issue. Thanks.

It’s called “subframes” and can be seen at the bottom right of your screenshot (in the Physics tab):

I tried that, but it didn’t work. The physics subframe seems more for the behaviour of the particles after it is released. My problem is that the particles isn’t emitting on subframes. Appreciate the help though.

Have you tried using the molecular add-on? it gives much better control over particle emission and behaviour :slight_smile: -

BA thread -

Yeah, I saw some type of subframe control during my search, but wasn’t sure if it was only for physics. I’ll check now though. thanks.

Ok, I think I isolated the problem. I attached a box to a curve and animated the box along the path using evalution time. The Box should be emitting particles on subframes like the example from 2nd box that was just translated without a curve. Is there a workaround for this so that I can keep my curve path? Thanks.

Here is the blend file, if anyone wants to take a look.

Ok, I figured it out. Just use the Follow Path Constraint’s “Offset” property to animate along the path. Thanks everyone.

I was just going to post a similar issue I am having with floater particles in the fluid system. I am getting these weird patterns in my foam from the particle system and obviosly looks very unnatural. Sorry to hijack thomascheng. I’ll try some of the above suggestions, but if anyone has encountered this before and has a direct solution please let me know!

looks to mike like this is what I need to try…

+thomascheng Your timing is amazing. I am having this exact same problem. I have a sphere following a long curve over 100 frames and the sphere is my emitter. As you described, the particles are emitted at steps along the curve but it’s not a smooth emission.

However, I’m not understanding how you solved this with the “Offset” property in the Follow Path constraint. That just moves my emitter forward/backward along the path but at the same rate.

Maybe I’m missing something?

Sorry, been busy with a project lately. Basically, all I did was apply a “Follow Path” constraint to my object. Then select the curve you want to target. Within that same property panel, you can move the object along the curve using the “Offset” Property. This allow for the emitter to work properly on subframes.