Fast Ocean - Blender add on for Ocean, foam and auto collisions- Now For Blender 2.8

Please check the Fast Landscape post :

A new free addon for sea workflows.

What it does:

It creates a plane named “ocean” with the obvious modifier “ocean”, repeated 10 times on x and y axis.
it assigns a simple material (blue glass with water ior 1.33) and put the distribution on multiscatter ggx.
It also activates normals and foams, with a dedicated data layer for futures options.


  1. Start Blender and open User Preferences. Click on the addons tab
  2. Click “install from file” , then choose downloaded zip or .py
  3. Check the addon to activate, then save user preferences

To use , Shift +a -> mesh -> fast ocean

The download link for Blender 2.7

Ancient initial post
the shader is really basic, so if you know a better node setup, it will improve the addon :wink:


Good idea. The shader is simple and right, you just need an ocean ground to make it more realistic.

Nice suggestion!
Just added a large plane, named “Ground” in the V 0.2, and setup a better resolution of the ocean modifier.

Same first link updated as before!

New version !
Foam added . For now, it is height based, and not yet foam_data .
The foam intensity can be set by the math node in the shader (will look later for better usability).
It’s still the link in the first post updated !

Thanks for the addon

Updated with a better looking foam!
You can change the look of the foam with the scale of the musgrave node

A sneak peek of what is coming next :
I finally found how to get the foam_data, so I get rid of “altitude shader”,
and a total reforge of the shader is in progress.

V 0.6
-shader improved with bump
-Foam shader support directly from ocean modifier

video coming soon

Edit : the repeat x10 is “reset” to 1 for performance and location issues. and useless in many situations :slight_smile:

Video of the V0.6

From now , I will work on absorption and volume shaders for a better realism.

Shader wips :
with the default resolution of the addon(12 instead of 7 for Blender) for the modifier ocean .

with a resolution of the addon of 36 for the modifier ocean . But be careful, It can lag if you don’t have a high end computer

V 0.7 Released

  • Shader improvements with volume and scatter support
  • Resolution of 12 by default
    -Cycles setup with a minimum of bounce volume

This video has been made with medium settings for time reasons, improve the modifier resolution if you have a good computer.
To animate, just follow the standard process of the ocean modifier : press I on TIME setting in the modifier to keyframe differents values (eg : 1 for the first second, 2 for 24 frames later if you’re at 24 fps,…)

Next milestone :
automate the process of dynamic paint for object interactions with ocean.

Looking forward to trying this out. I’m creating a bunch of basic scenes for use in future projects (forest, river, swamp, desert, etc.) so this will come in handy.

First step of automation of dynamic paint.
workflow Preview :
1- create Ocean with fast ocean object
2 - shift+A -> Mesh -> make object collide with ocean on any object of your choice
Animate is up to you :slight_smile:

Actually, the fast ocean object gets 2 dynamic paint layers, one for wave and the other for paint.
the operator "make object collide with ocean " turns the selected object into a brush.
Finetuning in progress, and the shader must be finalized with the wetmap.

And… done :slight_smile:
The new version with auto collision is available :

Reminder :
1- create Ocean with fast ocean object
2 - shift+A -> Mesh -> make object collide with ocean on any object of your choice

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Excellent complement.
You could add in the title of this thread the reference that is an addon. This would bring attention to your post.

I did as you say, Uruburei, Thanks for the tip !

A workflow video of the last version available, with automatic creation of the ocean and really easy collisions.

The link…e1112f51c4eed4

I tried on blender win64 2.78c and got that stacktrace :

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “F:\Wax\blender\blender-2.78c-windows64\2.78\scripts\addons\”
, line 57, in invoke
File “F:\Wax\blender\blender-2.78c-windows64\2.78\scripts\modules\bpy\”,
line 189, in call
ret = op_call(self.idname_py(), None, kw)
AttributeError: Calling operator “bpy.ops.apply.transformall” error, could not b
e found

location: <unknown location>:-1

location: <unknown location>:-1

Please download and try a fresh copy of Blender (2.78c or last build), then create a folder named “config” inside to make it clean and portable.
Then try to install the addon.
It should show if it’s a conflict with others addons.

also, I see that you have a blender folder inside another (F:\Wax<b>blender\blender-2.78c-windows64…).
try to rename if possible , eg blender_folder\blender-2.78c
It’s ok if you have many instances of Blender, but it may confuse.


I’ve downloaded a fresh copy of 2.78c (on I’ve created a config folder inside the blender2.78c folder (dunno the purpose …)

I put the inside 2.78/scripts/addons

I enable the plugin (no problem until now).

I launch it with Shift +a -> mesh -> fast ocean and then error appear.

Now if I comment the line making error. It looks “to work” …