Fast Ocean - Blender add on for Ocean, foam and auto collisions- Now For Blender 2.8

An island is rising…

The free addon Fast Landscape is available (fusion of fast ocean and fast terrain, with grass system ) is available !!!

live grass painting Preview in wight paint mode.

Link :

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Thanks for all yours addons

This is awesome!!
I’m interested to know if this works on mac?
Well done!

thanks for your support.

About the mac version, I don’t know, I don’t have one.
but no reason to not work, it should use the same python api (correct me if I’m wrong).

about the api, it’s the main reason, the addon is not updated yet.
We should wait the final api design of Blender 2.8 , before doing anything.
so many things change day by day.

So, please be patient.

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I tried to implement your Add on to my script but I have not sucess. I am doing a script to create frames taken from the camerq of a ship in order to train a neural network to predict the pitch and the roll of the ship.

I am new in blender and I have almost done everything, except the propierties of the render of the sea. I tried to follow a yt tutorial but i had several dificuties to implement it into a script ( i couldnt deal with nodes’ programing). When i copy/paste the part of your code about the render propierties into the python terminal nothing happens and a error doesnt appear. Could you give me some advice of how to implement your code?

When I execute it as you said everything is too dark, even if I place a light. (I cant upload the image because i am new). I am sure is some problem with the light or something like this very easy to fix. Any idea about it?

Thank you very much, not only in advance for your help but also for the contribution with this tool!

Yes, unfortunately it seems not working now. I didn’t receives no errors, but in the Add menu no fast ocean appear. Can you try to help me to fix it ?


@ Manuel_Batet :
about the ‘darkness’,
first, be sure to work with 2.79b stable version, not the latest build.
Like said in previous post, forget about 2.8 for the moment.
then, you have to be in rendered view or a “F12 render”.
try with a sky node in background, it works good with it, or even better with Hdris.

about the code part,
I don’t have enough informations to help you, like where and how you copy the code.
and which parts do you copy ?
If you want to add to your existing addon, just copy the classes, and the different defs (menus,register, unregister) , checking if there is no naming issue with your code.

@ hacaro :
I just tried again with a fresh version of the stable 2.79b version, and it works.
First save your preferences/addons if necessary , then use file -> load factory settings , on this portable / zip version.
Run the script , then check the add mesh section.

Fast Landscape is now available for Blender 2.8 !!!

Download link :

Video :


Start Blender and open User Preferences. Click on the addons tab
Click “install from file” , then choose downloaded zip or .py
Check the addon to activate, then close user preferences (it is now automatically saved !)

To use , ctr+alt+ L to open the pie , then choose your part.

For the ocean part , the settings are in the modifiers tab (resolution, foam coverage, etc).

For the terrain part, use common sculpt tools to edit the terrain.
Swap in Vertex weight paint mode to change the grass. Grass parameters in Particles Tab

For the collider, just select an object before then use the pie and choose Collider. it will be setup for collision with ocean.
you can modify parameters in Physics tab.

About the fastsky, it works only in cycles engine for now.
You can edit it in the shader editor, world section.
Main parameters are in theses nodes :

Sky texture to set the angle of the sun , and make a dawn-ish mood .
Transition Day-night . higher number make the sky darker , for night moods.
Clouds cover - higher numbers add more clouds.
Shine stars - it Controls the brightness of the stars

Known issue : the terrain shader may become purple in Eevee, over a certain height.


Is there any way to loop animation and bake out animated normal/height/diffuse/specular maps from this sim ? (to be used with UE4 or Unity)


Yes, it can be useful ,with game engines (Godot can like it too :slight_smile: )

you can loop the animation by setting the same time value in the ocean modifier.
example : first frame, you set a keyframe by pressing I on the time value, value 1.
frame 30, you set a keyframe with the value modified to 2.
frame 60, you set a keyframe at 1 again.

about the baking, i managed to bake some maps from cycles.
To do so, I did the following points :
1- unwrap the ocean . Edit mode -> Press U to unwrap and choose smart UV project
2- Go in Shader editor, go the ocean material, and create a texture node by pressing Shift+A ->Texture -> lmage texture . click New name it and ,select a resolution and check 32 bits format. Select the node, very important.
3- In Uv editor, choose the named image
4- Change renderer to Cycles, and choose in Bake panel the maps you want .you can change combined to normal if necessary.
5- Press the bake button :slight_smile: . be sure to check Gpu if you can speed up things

You gave me an idea, I will try to unwrap the ocean automatically in future versions

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Version 0.2 Updated. Same link as above

  • Ocean auto unwrapped for future baking
  • Shader slightly enhanced
    -scales of probes and some defauts are better
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Having issues with SKY
Not generating
In Blender 2.80/81/82a

  1. How to create a large scale ocean using this addon?

  2. How to generate foam and wake on that ocean?