fast rendering glass

How do you make it?

you cant. glass is just one of those slower render things…good luck man
PS you can make glass without raymir if you want. kills realism, but renders faster

you can do z-transparency at the cost of realism. If it’s something that isn’t curved (where index of refraction isn’t noticable) or a large part of the image you can probably get away with it.
I hate waiting for renders so a batch file to render in a seperate process is handy, not to mention redering is a little faster from the command line.
Drop the following in notepad save it as SomeFileName.bat

“C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\blender.exe” -b PathToYourBlendFile -f 1

I know about z-transp. I’ve worked with raytracing, but glass for some reason just gets insane render times.

yeah, raytracing is just a high calculation effect

ok then, aside from ztran, there’s the octree setting (V 2.42) in the render panel (bottom of the panel, no label proly set to 64). setting the number higher will increase the amount of memory used during render but will reduce render time. you’d better have alot of memory though - all it’s ever done for me is crash my machine. See here, bottom of the page:

Peculiar. I keep mine set at 512 which is the max setting. My computer is no prize and my mom’s is a piece of crud but I’ve had no problems with any octree settings.

renders will go much faster(albeit, not such high calc res) with your octree set to 128

Oh. I thought lower=faster but lower quality.

You could allso decrease the raydeapth value. that may spped things up a bit.