Fast way to make 3D objects with path from top to bottom?


Is it possible to make this kind of objects with a path fast and easily?
I could make this objects, but it would take very long time.

Sorry for the bad drawings. :grinning:

I just want to extend my blender skills.

Is that a ziggurat like this

or like this…

Is the path Flat or does it spiral around bottom to top…?

Flat. Like the ground.

Ah! That makes things easy!
Make sure to install the Extra Objects add-on ( included)

Down at the bottom of Add ( Shift+A ) is Extras > Stepped Pyramid…with that you can select the number of sides…3 Tri> 4>Square or any over 4 will start to be Cylindrical 32 will make a Cylindrical Stepped Pyramid.

Looks good.
The problem here is that is not a single path from top to bottom.
In my drawings, it’s a single path from top to bottom.
Hmm. Maybe a modifier would help?

I found this image. It’s better than my drawing.

Hmm, I should have said, does it Ramp around…
The only way I can figure to make this far easier to model is to use a screw modifier combined with shrink-wrap…

Take the cylinder object for instance…
Add a cylinder. Set the bottom face as the origin and send it to the world origin…
Add a plane and merge all the vertices to the center move on -y to the edge of the cylinder…
Select the single Vertex and add a screw modifier, 360 in Z 1 screw, and 2 Iterations.
Add a shrink-wrap modifier and target the cylinder, nearest surface, and a bit of offset.

Now if you select the cylinder and scale the top face in x,y but not z …you will get a curve that follows a tapered cylinder…convert it to a mesh object and scale x,y but not z and you now have your path…just have to build the wall extrusions.

You can do the same thing using this for a rectangular and the triangular…just have to set the angle for square ( 90) and increase the iterations…

It’s not a one-step, but it makes creating the path far simpler to create.