Faster animations

(Klein) #1

Is it possible to make animations at certan events faster or slower(i making an car racing game and sometimes i need an animation to be faster or slower)?

(Klein) #2

by the way does any1 know the python script to making wheels of an car rotating to car acceleration?(car is accelerated by forces)

(Pooba) #3

1st post: I bet you could do it with python.

2nd post: Iconjunky is very good with this, ask him


(saluk) #4

I think someone has a script which adjust the speed of animations, it might not be right for what you need though. Could you give me a little more detail on what you need this for?

IconJunky rocks as far as wheels go! Check him.

(Klein) #5

i have an empty animation that goes around an racetrack.Then i have an car that tracks to the empty. sometimes the car drives so fast that it reaches the empty and then the car rotates 360ยบ (or more).now i need to make the animation faster when the car raches the empty.Or sometimes the car drives so slow that the emty escapes from the car and the the car collides with an wall and must wait until the empty returns in the next round.
Something like this i need: When car too slow empty animation slow down, if car to fast empty animation accelerates.