Faster Render Engine

I have here a HD-animation project that should rendered quickly with best quality (using pathtracing).

I search for a render engine.
Yafaray beta (für Blender 2.6x) crash on my scene.

Do someone test which engine is faster?
-any other that do not cost too much (max 100 $)?

For animation on a budget, I would prefer to use Yafaray, since it is still faster than BI. If there is a way to show the error that causes the crash of your scene, it would be helpful.

For one project i would go for SmallLUXGPU2 because:
0 $
Good exporter
Metropolis Light Transport
The only reason to take Cycles is the export time for external rederer.
As Octane user i know sometimes you need several minutes to export a high poly scene frame per frame.

Cheers, mib.