faster rendering ?

what can i do to get faster test renderings? because i have a model with 4 textures and it takes on a fast computer far too long… plz help me …

There are like 100 threads with this very exact title out there - please, please do a search and look for the methods which work best for you. Thank you.

(Obvious things are reducing quality (AA, AO settings), image size, using less raytraced effects such as Reflections, etc…)

Actually I just found this in the great blender MindMap posted in
if you switch virtual desktops while blender renders it goes much faster.
good luck!

Turn off the OSA in the scene tab (F10 i think) and reduce the size of the of the render image. Set those settings at its best for your final rendering

even if i do all these things the rendering takes longer than expected …
@Myke: i know all the things you normally do to fasten the rendering up but they do not work as i hoped…

Check subsurf levels, and if you don’t need to see the textures, try just using the previs render and not an actual one. That takes about two seconds, literally.
Other than what everyone has alredy said if the render isn’t as fast as your expectations I would recommend lowering your expectations, sorry.

Or updating your computer. What are the specs on your machine?

m on a 2.4gzh macbookpro and it still takes ages, i think just being patient is the key.

Oh… I’ve never ran Blender on a Mac, so I don’t know if it is inherently slower or not. Maybe your meshes just have a lot of verts. What is it your rendering again?

the sub surf was my prob :frowning: i do not understand why i have overseen that small detail … cuz my computer is a dual core with 2,4 ghz and it is quity fast with almost everything ^^
thank all of you ^^

Crisis Situation Averted!