Faster rendering?

Is there a way to make blender int, render without previewing the pictures in an animation, and just make the calcultations, and would this make rendering faster? if it would make it faster, and isn’t possible, why isn’t it?

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This article may have the information you are looking for. I have never used this, so I
cannot say how much it increases rendering speed.

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It would speed it up very little.
To test this, render a very simple scene with no lights and no materials just plain objects. Drawing the pixels to the screen can’t take any longer than the few seconds that image takes to render.

The biggest eye-opener for me, was turning off Ray in the render settings. If you just want quick tests, it’s a hundred times faster then…

a few other ideas that myself and others have come up with over the years…

Command line rendering is that what i was searching some months ago.
But how i can render images with yafray in command line?
Does it read .blend files or what i should do?


To run Yafray from the command line:

  1. in the Yafray panel, make sure xml is checked. This option writes YBtest.xml in the path that you have specified in Blender file options.

  2. start the render as you would normally. Once the render is under way, kill it. As far as I know, there is no way to export the xml without actually starting the render.

  3. From the command line, type yafray (assuming it is in your path), then YBtest.xml.

I am on a Linux machine, so my command looks like:

yafray /home/tmp/YafrayExport/YBtest.xml

Yafray will write YBtest.tga in the same location as the xml.

Just typing yafray at the command line gives the following info:

Starting YafRay …
Usage: yafray [options] <file to render>

Options :
-s Render using the specified strategy. Valid values are
“threaded”: Multi-threaded (default)
“mono”: Single process
“fork”: Multi-process

    -c N    Number of threads/processes to use
    -z      Use Net optimized

    -p &lt;PATH&gt;       Specify alternative plugin path

    -r min_x:max_x:min_y:max_y      Render region, values between -1 and 1
                                    whole image is -r -1:1:-1:1

    -v      YafRay Version

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Turn off antialiasing, or turn it down to level 5, it slows blender down a lot. Of course it makes the images look a lot better…

Thanks Obi_ron that helped me a lot!