Faster Rendering

I have made an animation but It renders to slow on my computer, the computer is relatively fast, but does anyone know anyways of speeding up my rendering time without upgrading my PC?

  1. Turn down the rendering settings. Either by lowering the resolution, lowering the amount of things rendered, or some other setting.

  2. Sort of ‘cheat’. What I mean by this is changing your seen, so it will render faster. For example, if you were to make an ocean seen, you wouldn’t use all high resolution fluids to do it, you would use lower res planes an whatnot, near the back.

To optimize your render times, you really need to have a decent knowledge of the renderer. Without more info, though, there’s no way to tell. How many polys? Did you use raytracing? Ambient Occlusion? Gigantic textures with Full OSA?