faster way to add vertex to an edge.

I want to add vertex to an edge at abritrary position along the edge. There’s no single command to complete that task, all i know i have to select edge, subdivide it , then slide the resulting vertex along the edge. I think there should be a faster way. Why don’t make the knife tool to be able to do this ? all i need to do is drag over the edge and click at desired postition, and repeat for more vertices. But as i press enter , it cancel out my vertices. Should be great if i can do this with knife tool, it’s faster and straightforward. what do you guys think ?

why would you need that tho, give an example. cause doing so gives you a horrible topology.

If you’re working with a bare edge(no attached faces) Ctrl-R will add verts. Ctrl-R, G, Ctrl-R, G, Ctrl-R, G. It goes pretty quick.