Fastest/proper way to get this effect? / Edge subdividing+connection

What’s the best/ fastest/ least painful/ proper way to achieve this effect?:

Scale down one face, select all the long edges leading into it (only the edges, not faces) right click, and click on subdivide.

Another option, if you don’t need it as precise, would be using the knife tool, though that would take slightly longer.

Scroll down to the end get the updated version. I keep failing to get back to it :frowning:

Face -> Cut Faces from that add-on will do the steps outlined by @NiklasWerth above for you, and leave you with the cut selected, as opposed to Subdivide that wants to select all new geo.

Ahhh. – I guess what throws me is, why is there an implicit assumption to CONNECT the new subdivisions??? That seems like a totally different operation, yet it’s folded into SubDivide.

To reverse it: how would one simply put a point mid-way along those edges, without connecting them??

By normal means, you can’t. You could dissolve the loop afterwards (and uncheck “Dissolve Verts” in redo panel).

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Typically, you wouldn’t. To do so would be to actively create an n-gon for no good reason.

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Thanks for the help: otoh, I don’t like tools that do more than what they say on the label.