Fastest renderer for blender?

Raytracing takes long time and quality is just slightly better than rasterization. So maybe there is a raster rendering engine for blender? Of course, refractions must be done using raytracing, but everything else can be done on GPU with high speed.

I don’t need caustics. Just bumpmapping, shadows, dynamic environment maps and basic polygon rasterization.


Blender internal renderer is a raster render engine, if you disable raytracing. If you want realtime, GPU assisted results, try using Blender’s rapidly improving game engine. It will allow you to use bumpmapping, shadows, etc.

Maybe not realtime, but shorter rendering times. I’m sick of waiting 20 seconds just to render the default cube, when it could be done in 0.5 milliseconds. I got a GeForce 8600 GT to render with, so why it’s rendering CPU?

Blender is not a GPU render system, I don’t think any of the open source ones are? This has great advantages when you finally start using multiple computers to render finals. Multi-core processors are turning up everywhere. The more cores, the faster you render.

Why don’t you render at a smaller size, then you wait less.

GPU is way more powerful than CPU so why not use it, hardware raytracing? Maybe use both CPU and GPU.

BI is very fast
no offense, but 20 sec. render time for the default cube is really slow
that would make your CPU like, 100-200 MHZ
my four-year-old laptop (1.73 GHZ) takes 3.45ish
and that’s without turning off unnecessary stuff like raytracing, sss, envmaps
without those, render time is 1.07
if your computer is really slow, borrow a faster one for rendering, or set up a renderfarm with all the computers you can get your hands on

bunkspeed hypershot is the fastest!!
so fast you can move around models/ renders in real time!
costs a lot though :frowning: