Fastest way to make a recessed channel?

What is the fastest way to make a recessed channel? polygonal modeling only (exclude Boolean).

This is a very simple and yet common task in my architectural modeling, but I’ve not yet found a fast way to do this. My current method is not very efficient.


@Mano-Wii’s addon, likely…


That’s a pretty awesome addon, I can live with ngons.

PyroGX, thanks for the bevel tip, very cool.

rather than using bevel i would suggest using the mouse wheel to add another loop while using the loop cut tool.
from there, same as he suggested.

this is also an alternative way

Cool, thanks!

I vote for finalbarrage’s alternative, if not too late in modeling.

Note: Mano-Wii addon is included in buildbot’s Blender builds, as it turns out. Tends to leave not needed verts around but is really cool nevertheless.
There is one more addon which could be interesting for such cuts -

Had a little think about it, try this:

#got a bad cold, vid is bad sry.
select faces in wrong places,
select top face,
vert slide,
remove doubles.

Takes about 10 seconds,

It’s really cool to see all the different approaches, thanks guys!!