Fastfood restaurant

Hi Everybody,

just a few pictures of a project that has just been finished.
Renderings for a new Mc Donalds restaurant, located in Eisenstadt, Burgenland, Austria.

Background from HDRI Haven, plants are a mixture of maxtree, graswald, vegetation and “selfgrown”. Cars are from transportation and the peoples are renderpeoble.

Hope you like it, critiques and comments are apreciated…

Best regards,



This is some great work. What node setup did you use for your glass.

Hi Riaan,

thanks a lot - nothing fancy. A principled shader with some bump. The bump is a noise shader which i randomized with the Object Info - random output.
To brighten up the shadows of the glas, i used a transparent shader with a valu of 0.7 and mixed it with the light path node - take a lool at the node setup…