FAT bones upon extending!

Hi guys , when I am in edit mode and I spawn a new bone , I want to extend it , there’s no problem in extending but the bones get really fat:D and thick when I extend them , I am trying to fit them in an arm and bones get out of the little arm LOL …
Please help , is there anyway to turn Auto-Fat system off? :smiley:

not sure easiest way is to change bone apearance, the fat bones are just for easily spotting head and tail i believe

But thats not a solution , anyways thanks for reply.

Well octahedral bones just are sized based on length, you dont render them its mainly for easy editing to know parent child direction.
As its only visualization, you cant scale the default bone type. When animating you can easily flip to stick mode or another type.
It doesnt matter if you take as display “Stick”, “B-bone”, “wire” or “envelope”, for most things when you edit your model they behave the same. Although there is an exception B-bone and Envelope can be scaled CTRL+ALT+S this is i believe to limit their effect.
CTRL+ALT+S does change scale of them.

Here is a link : http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:2.6/Manual/Rigging/Armatures/Editing/Properties

Ok thank you so much for reply!