Fat Clown finished

hairy and scary

Everyone hates clowns, but I like this one. You guys are all just judging him before you get to know him.

Good job, man!

Nice, good lightning, looks realistic. It’s very scary and lively!

Now thats scary!
Excellent work!

Turn down blurring a bit then submit to the blender gallery!

Keep it up!

remind me to never kick a clown’s shins ever again…
I wonder what he’d look like when he drools…

Excellent work! Really creepy.

There’s a maya bingo the clown-oh comment here somewhere - this is better in my view. WIP is looking really nice and dark.

You’ve made really good use of lighting and hair. All good - only comment - black/plaque up those teeth and I may even find it difficult to sleep at night.

Is it just me, or does it look more like a painting? It doesn’t seem to be made in 3d, except for his beater and hair on the right side of the image. I think the DOF is removing the 3Dity of his mouth and chin. Also the lighting does not help him seem 3D. Otherwise, its amazingly textured and modeled.

You should look in his WIP thread. There’s his best renders.

Great job schuch.

I second the lips ang gum issue though. Would really add the final touch to this one for sure.



:stuck_out_tongue: Nah, I’m only kidding, he scares the hell outta me.

at first I thought ‘where did he get the picture of Rush Limbaugh… ?’

Then I realized… wow :o

Nice… very nice indeed…

:o this is amayzing.
the modeling is really good.

i don’t think you need to mae that picture that blury all the teeth could be textured a bit better and also the skin part under it.

otherwise this is one of my favorit pictures it looks sooo goood.
can’t wait to see more of your work

ow yea one more thing… firefox ???


I hate clowns ! But this one is really great. Very well modelled, nice texture and beautiful rendering.

Great job.

I´m now officially your fan :o impressive, how do you do those materials? :-?

BTW, do you have an image gallery or something?

Nice work. Does he do childrens parties? :slight_smile:

Hey schuh;

I sent you a message requesting to use your clown as my user-name image.

Can I use your clown? It really describes my inner self. Insanely funny!

I would put “Image by schuh” at the bottom of the page? Yes/no

very scary clown lol

Old thread. Locked… Oh wait, I can’t do that.

Indeed. And Julius_Sneezer, it takes people time to read their PM’s. So please don’t bump a threads with that type of request.