Fat Clown [latest update page 3 dec. 15]

hi there!

heres something im working on atm to celebrate finally managing to setup hardware acceleration in ubuntu and being able to run blender smoothly (it was the only thing that held me back from going to linux ^^)

yep whatever, here are some steps and the recent version:





Nice, this is the clown of my dreams :-? :-? :frowning:

That’s spectatcular! Your modeling skills are amazing! It would be cool to see is fat jiggle in an animation. Are you going to model the entire clown?

the mesh is extremely good. the uv map looks a bit off. maybe your unwrap could have been better. The paint looks a bit low res and especially low quality near the edges.

I repeat, the mesh is amazing! Keep pushing the main textures and this will be one of the best, and scariest blender pieces I’ve seen in a long time!

The bumpmapping on the teeth is cranked up just a little too much in the last image. The 2nd and 3rd images, the teeth look just about perfect.

Think he looks scarier without the red ball on his nose too. :wink:

O DEAR GOD!!! :o (nice moddling u twisted man :smiley: )

thx for the comments :slight_smile: glad you like my work :smiley:

@womball: no i actually only planned for a portrait shot, maybe some fat scary hands but well…ill see :slight_smile: and no the mesh is not really clean enough for animation so i guess not :slight_smile:

@lucidmonkey: yeah actually the paint is supposed to be off because he is evil…he doesnt need good makeup :stuck_out_tongue:
i smudged the textures a bit in some places to make it look like the makeup is smeared but well…i guess i failed ^^

and the textures yeah…they are only 1000 x1000 pixels wide and i had to gimp it with the mouse because i havent figured out how to install my tablet yet -_- stupid aiptek crap…anyone experienced with this btw?

sooo well i guess i found a really good reason to use internal render instead of yafray


you just HAVE to love it :slight_smile:
hope this gets integrated into yafray soon…



EDIT: yay hair!


EDIT2: mo’ hair xD


That is freakin’ impressive! Nice work.

thx :slight_smile:

big update…well kindof…i rendered big ^^


he’s starting to look more and more like the clown from spawn, who’s name eludes me at the moment :smiley:

When I saw the hair, I nearly screamed! Great job!

someone works really fast! This is looking great!

are you the next @ndy!! :o

and what is “ubuntu”???

It looks amazing, really creepy, just like violator from spawn, how did you do all the hair (specially in the body)?.
On closer look, there`s an error on the texture in the t-shirt, you can see where it repeats vertically, sorry for drawing over your image, it was just to make clear what i mean

He looks superb, I think the green light detracts from the image though. I’d be interested in seeing some information on the hair as well, you seemed to have achieved very interesting results.

(If you get him finished soon, I’ll see if I can find a place to put him in the release docs …)


Wow, really amazing piece of artwork !!

I’d also like to know about how you did the fantastic hair job.


This is friggin gorgeous work and very freaky looking at the same time.

Will be keeping my eyes on this one.


I was amazed and freaked out with each picture, and then you threw the hair on and I made some kind of audible noise about how crazy this guy looks. The whole thing is just right in my opinion, except for the green material coming out of his mouth. Like mentioned before, I think it detracts from the image and removes the realistic freakiness from the image by making it surreal.

He needs an ice cream truck.



i miss blender :frowning:

But then i would become afraid of buying icecreams :o