Fat giant - character

A character for a shortfilm. (Maybe for the second part of “A Very Little Warrior”.)
Right click to open in big size.


Very cool, as always, Endre!

Very little warrior II? Well, if Rambo can do it, why not?

i find this amazing!
really nice job :wink:

Very nice character, great job.

wonderful! maybe my favourite texturing job I’ve seen from the Blender community. And general fantasy “creature” design, too.

Wow. That is a FAT giant.

With you I need to ask, is it rendered, or ge?

this is a realtime model with 7k triangle but on this screen with subdiv, but it is realtime too

Texture is great. He looks like painted with pencil, nice work.

portgas, yes, that is painted
my workflow is:

  1. sculpt
  2. modeling lowpoly
  3. UV
  4. baking hipoly normals
  5. using the baked normals on the lowpoly model
  6. drawing the details using texture paint
  7. using tha drawing on the color+normal+spec texture


Really fantastic work!!!
I love the concept and the wood-like skin is really brilliant!!! :eek::eek:
I hope you can reveal how you set up the lights and your compositing nodes…
Why didn’t you split the foot fingers?

Thanks for the mini-tut!

needs more features
noobs and amateurs could make it … so simple
they can use other 3d softwares too